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£ 45

System Restore / Operting System Reload

Return your operating system to factory settings. For this you will need to have a working recovery partition or recovery discs. If you do not have these, you will at least need a legitimate license for your operating system (usually on a Microsoft sticker on the side of your pc or on the bottom of your laptop). It is recommended that you back up your data onto an external hard drive or dvd/cd's before this is carried out. The reload includes re-installation of your hardware drivers and basic software install. If data backup is required - an additional charge will be made (depending on amound of data).

£ 45

Virus/Malware scan / removal & System Cleanup

If your pc is starting to slow down, then maybe a system clean up will help. This can take a while if regular Disc Cleans and Defrags haven't been done for some time. We'll get rid of all those temporary files and turn off startup items that are not required. Sometimes slow downs can be caused by more serious problems like trojans and malware - we'll advise once we've had a look at your pc.
This service also includes virus and malware scans and removal. To do this we use at least 3 or 4 various scanners in order to make sure your system is free of viruses, scamware and search engine hijackers.

£ 36

Network / Broadband / Wifi Setup

Just got your broadband package sorted and not sure what to do next? I can come and sort that out for you - you'll need to have your router plus all your connection details (and a ensure that your broadband connection is live). We'll check that you have your filters installed in the right location, set up your router and make sure your wireless connection is secure.
I can also advise on how to extend your wifi signal or wire connection around your home/office, as well as add additional shared devices such as printers, media streamers, backup drives, NAS drives etc.

£ 36

System Upgrades or replacements

Do you fancy putting in a new, bigger hard drive or additional RAM? Maybe a new graphics card or even new motherboard and processor? We can get competitive prices for your hardware needs and fit them for you. Most upgrades (hard drive, memory, graphics card, sound card, firewire card, additional USB ports etc) don't take too long to fit and are ready to use within half an hour. However, if you choose to upgrade many components (e.g. Motherboard, processor and RAM - known as a motherboard bundle), then you will need your operating system reloaded - contact us for more details. Why not upgrade your old laptop with a Solid State Drive (SSD) - up to 10x faster than a traditional hard drive!


£ 36

Laptop Screen Repair (excl. parts)

Laptop Screen Repair: It's quite a common problem - laptop gets dropped or trodden on and the screen breaks. We can get a price for the replacement screen and fit it for you. We'll normally take your laptop away and return it once the repair has been done. Contact us for a quote on the screen (we'll need the make and model number of your laptop). Touchscreens can carry an additional cost.

(priced before work is carried out)

£ 36

Laptop Jack Plug Repair (excl. parts)

This is an expensive repair as it can involve taking the entire laptop apart to get to the power jack. This is a common problem but a real pain to cure. If soldering is required, this would carry an additional cost. Contact us in the first instance and we'll try and ascertain what is required and give you a quote.


£ 25

Windows Password Reset

Completely forgotten your password to log into your Windows system? Maybe you've bought a pc from a friend or ebay but the password for the admin user wasn't included. Don't worry - we can reset this password for you very quickly.

£ 36

1 to 1 Training

If you're new to pc's it can be a little daunting finding your way round. Maybe you're new to the internet and just need help in searching and downloading. We can help with many aspects of using your computer, laprtop or tablet including: Using the internet, Storing your files, Making Backups of your important data, Ripping and Burning CD's and DVD's, Using MS Word or Excel. Just ask us and we'll let you know if we can help.


£ 36

Hourly Rate

If you have a list of various tasks that need carrying out on your various systems and devices, I will charge my hourly rate (note: Minimum charge for a callout is £25).

Most work will be carried out on site, but if the task is large or requiring disassembly of a device, then I will arrange to take the item away and return it to you at a suitable time.


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