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Items for Sale

As a computer repair tech, I need to keep plenty of stock components, which I use and sell to my clients.

I keep all types of cables (network, visual, USB etc.), as well as storage devices (external hard drives, pen/flash drives, NAS drives), plus components such as hard drives, solid state drives, power supplies, optical drives, speakers, headphones, keyboards, mice - you get the picture.

I also sell refurbished Desktops, Laptops and tablets, as well as new PC's, Laptops, Printers etc. In 2018, I'm also building gaming PC's and offering high end components for the serious gamer - all at great local prices!

PLEASE NOTE: I sell only in the Sudbury area of Suffolk, UK. I also don't (currently) sell through the website. The detail pages are more for information of what I currently have for sale - please contact me if you wish to view or purchase any items.

Desktop PC's

Click below to see the New and Refurbished PC's I have in stock

Laptops & Tablets

Click below to see my current refurbished laptops and tablets. If you need new items, contact me directly.


I keep cables of all types in stock - click below to see the range or contact me if you need something specific


Components and Peripherals that I currently have in stock. This may not be a definative list, and I can always aquire the items you need!


14 Essex Avenue,
CO10 1YZ


Email:       Phone: (01787) 319895                   Mobile: 07967 026105


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